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Bruno Belissimo is a Dj / producer and multi-italo-canadiense.
One of the twin brothers born to Italian parents emigrated to Canada in the late 1970s, Bruno spent his childhood in the suburbs of the city of Toronto, where his father owned a video rental and ventured as director of science films Fiction while his mother had a small coffee shop in the St.Clarence area, the largest suburb of the Italian city, the historic gathering of local artists.
Bruno, thanks to the parents, grew up in a very creative environment, perhaps this early age proved to be musically inclined. At age eight he was the best singer of the Baptist church choir "Singers of the Little Lord" and later won a scholarship at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, where he began to study double bass and composition.
Over the years, Bruno began to become interested in electronic music and began to produce his first tracks laid the foundation of his style made from refined dance programming and bass reproduction and unmistakable sound button.
At age 26, due to some family problems, Bruno was forced to move to Italy, where he lives and works.
In recent years Bruno has been very active in the music scene. With the band's low-frequency club has released three critically acclaimed albums and has played throughout Italy and Europe. And 'bassist Colapesce band tour for the album' Egomostro '(2015) and has collaborated with several artists in the studio or live.
Bruno also founded Future, a studio that deals with the creation of soundtracks for short films, feature films and sound design for media and interactive installations.
Bruno Belissima's musical production has a unique sound influenced by Italo / disco and Italian classics from the soundtrack of the horror / science fiction film of the late 70's, but returned to work in a contemporary style and very personal.