• Plaça del Príncep
  • Maó, PM
  • Spain

Raver Jewish is a Dj from Sardinia, Italy. For the past 5 years he has been completely committed to music in public. Frequently up to four concerts per week, in a variety of venues: bars, discos, private parties, fashion shows, magazines, vintage markets and many unusual places, adapts its set to specific audiences.
Raver Jewish's musical interest ranges from Disco to House and electro-alternative music, concentrating not only on dance music, but also on alternative and experimental sounds. It is especially open to play different genres, with the aim of creating a bond with its audience and making all events unique.
After two years of residence in the Apollo Hall, hosting his "Apocalypse Miau" club night, he has recently opened for international guests at Razzmatazz Clubs and travels across Europe playing in Germany, England, Serbia, Italy and France. Opening of new music scenes, now is the "ping - pong" between Berlin and Barcelona, te its way to the stage of the capital 's disco and collaborating with the performance of JOSEP Xortà.